travel chiropractor LongmontSummer means travel but getting to your destination can often be a pain in the neck or backside! According to Dr. Bautch of the American Chiropractic Association Council on Occupational Health, “Even if you travel in the most comfortable car or opt to fly first class, certain pressures and forces from awkward positions can result in restricted blood flow.” If you follow the preventative tips below and still experience an ache or strain during travel, make a post-trip appointment with Dr. Jess at the Cafe of Life for a restorative adjustment with the chiropractor!

Chiropractor Tips to Avoid Travel Aches this Summer

By Air:

  • Check bags that are heavier than 5-10% of your weight, as overhead lifting of anything more than this amount significantly increases your risk for injury.
  • When putting luggage in the overhead bins, stand directly in front of the compartment and do not twist or turn your head during the lift.
  • Use pillows or rolled blankets to maintain the natural curve of your spine when sitting. Put a support behind your waist and another between your neck and the headrest.
  • Vary your position by putting your feet on your bag under the seat and by moving your knees up and down for awhile. Also take time to massage your legs and calves to avoid cramps.

By Car:

  • Position your seat to be as close to the wheel as is comfortable with your knees slightly higher than your hips.
  • Improve hand and arm circulation by squeezing and releasing the steering wheel occasionally. Also vary where you hold the wheel to decrease muscle fatigue and tension.
  • Prevent swelling by exercising your legs by holding your toes spread open for 10 seconds, then take turns tightening your calves, thighs and buttocks for 5 seconds each.
  • Decrease fatigue and neck tension by rolling your shoulders forward and back. Also make sure to stop for frequent rest breaks and take brisk walks to improve circulation.

Make sure you are in tip-top shape before any upcoming travel by having the Cafe of Life’s chiropractor, Dr. Jess, correct any misalignments so your summer vacation will at least start off pain-free travel!


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