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Cafe of Life Chiropractic & Massage Studio is Moving!

There is no such thing as staying the same.  We all are moving either moving forward to more health
and wellness OR backwards to more sickness and pain.  WE are  moving FORWARD toward our new
practice together on November 2nd, 2015.
It is for you – It’s YOUR practice home,
YOUR source for health and wellness.
Share it with everyone!  Everyone needs more of the good stuff and our new space will be filled with the GOOD STUFF – YOU!
 Chiropractic & Massage Longmont
We have worked very hard to ensure that our new office will be absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Our designer said  to think of something along the lines of “a modern version of the current Cafe of Life.”
Our new address will be:
1325 Dry Creek Drive #307
Longmont, CO 80503
(This is in the three-story building just to the west of Outback Steakhouse)
Please call or email for more details!
Cafe of Life Chiropratic & Massage is proud to serve all your family chiropractic and massage needs.  Schedule an appointment for our new office today!

Free Chair MassageDo you realize the toll that unrelenting stress can take on your health? The workplace tends to be a hotbed of pressure which can lead to a myriad of health issues.  Even if an employee manages to be AT work, poor health can make them less productive, less engaged, therefore not actually DOING work.  Did you know that massage may increase employee health and productivity?

Be ahead of the curve in keeping your staff happy, healthy, and productive. When thinking in terms of workplace wellness programs, remember that an employee’s health is multifaceted and the moving parts are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Café of Life Chiropractic and Massage Studio in Longmont offers a very compelling approach—massage.

Studies have shown that taking breaks at work is associated with fewer physical symptoms—like headaches, eyestrain, neck and shoulder pain, as well as lower back pain—but also led to increased job satisfaction, and a reduction in stress levels.

Integrate massage in your office to increase employee health and productivity today.  Café of Life makes it so easy!

From the Café of Life Longmont’s Care Coordinator, Megan:

Chiropractic and Massage

Free Massages!

My name is Megan, I am the Wellness Coordinator at The Cafe of Life
Chiropractic and Massage Studio located in Longmont at 202 Main St.

As part of our service to the community, we offer to businesses in
Longmont free 15-minute chair massages. We come for a 3-4 hour time
span during business hours and bring everything, even the zen music!
No tipping is allowed. This is a way to help boost morale and can also
help your business diversify its current wellness program or, if you
do not have a wellness program in place, we consider our service as a
great way to begin.

Please call or email Megan for booking details.


Watch Dr Jessica Thompson, of Café of Life Chiropractic in Longmont, doing a baby chiropractic adjustment–and watch that baby laugh! This darling baby does a complete belly laugh after each chiropractic adjustment. This little one gets adjusted consistently in order to function at 100% AND (yes, there is a bonus) so he can sleep better! When baby sleeps better, momma sleeps better!

Our top priority is to build a relationship with each one of our clients to ensure the highest level of service, regardless of age or condition. Dr Jessica specializes in chiropractic treatment for the entire family and really enjoys treating expectant mothers and children. She has extensive experience treating babies and children with a gentle instrument adjustment technique—no loud pops and cracks. A baby chiropractic adjustment is an extremely gentle process.
More and more, parents are looking to chiropractors for children and babies to ease colic, birthing trauma, sleeping problems, ear infections. Chiropractic care for babies is a safe and effective way to manage overall health and wellness. The amount of pressure used for adjustments on children is so very small and gentle. But the results of getting a baby adjusted are considerable. There is nothing better than a healthy, happy…and laughing baby!

Gallup released a study this week showing that the majority of people in the U.S. say chiropractic care works.  This really is the first large-scale survey to date that measures the perceptions and experiences with chiropractors and chiropractic care in general.  More than 33 million people in the U.S. sought chiropractic care last year.  Chiropractic care can decrease or completely relieve pain, improve physical function, motion, and even improve your quality of life.

Dr. Jessica Thompson chose the chiropractic field because of its whole body benefits of health and well-being—the body has an amazing ability to heal and a chiropractor’s job is to facilitate that. The popularity of chiropractic care is clearly on the rise and is projected to grow as more and more people look for health solutions that have eluded them time and again.  Many even consider chiropractic practitioners main stream. In fact, chiropractic care is commonly reimbursed by insurance companies.  It is a great complementary health approach to any lifestyle.  Chiropractic care is both safe and effective but it’s also applied using different methods depending on the patient’s individual needs and comfort levels.  Chiropractic is more than cracking and twisting.

If you are curious about what goes on during a chiropractic appointment we urge you to visit us and see just what we can do for you.  Visit the Café of Life office in Longmont and meet Dr. Jessica in person. She truly cares for each of her clients and wants only to improve quality of life through unlocking our body’s innate health potential.  Rest assured that she is always up to date on the latest chiropractic techniques, has state of the art equipment, and provides a peaceful and welcoming environment.

Anyone can get an ear infection but they are more common in children and they can make for a very unhappy kid.  Something so painful and upsetting to both you and your child can be worrisome and frustrating, especially when they become a chronic problem. Ear infections are the number one reason for pediatrician visits—especially in the wintertime when they tend to be more prevalent.  The most common treatment is a round of antibiotics, but most will resolve without them.  More often, parents are turning to chiropractors to help with their children’s overall health. Today we look at the benefits of using chiropractic care for ear infections.

Symptoms of ear infections include:

  • Cold symptoms including a clear runny nose turning yellow or green as the infection sets in
  • Fever
  • Ear Pain and/or Hearing Loss
  • Difficulty Sleeping/Fussiness
  • Ear Drainage
  • Balance Troubles

Chiropractic care focuses on the restoration of normal, or optimal, body function.  We don’t just treat a symptom, but aim to get to the root of the problem.  Our goal is to work with the nervous system by doing gentle spine manipulations to affect the entire function of your body.  If you or a family member struggles with chronic ear infections it would be a good idea to consider chiropractic care to help ease symptoms and prevent future infections.Ear Infection Chiropractic Care

A knowledgeable chiropractor knows how all systems of the body—muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, etc.—depend on the proper function of the nervous system.  They know how to spot and diagnose.   A skilled chiropractor will be able to treat patients of all ages and adjust treatment to accommodate the patient’s needs.

You have choices with your healthcare.  Dr Jessica Thompson at Café of Life Chiropractic in Longmont specializes in spinal correction and care for the entire family. She especially enjoys treating children as she is a mother to three boys of her own. Children’s chiropractic is actually a conservative and drug-free approach.  It is just another modality that can greatly increase you and your family’s health, over all function, and ability to fight infections—including ear infections.

As the kids get back to school in Longmont, a chiropractor’s advice on how to keep those kids healthy is in order.  Here is a quick and easy list for the parents to remember when it comes to ergonomics.

Child Chiropractic Ergonomics

According to the CDC, “Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work. The goal of ergonomics is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture, and repeated tasks.” Ergonomics is a term you hear frequently in the workplace but it is just as relevant for kids as they slump over desks, stare into computer screens, and carry bags full of books (and who knows what else!).

Here are a few simple tips to keep kids in their best shape for the school year.

  • Adequate sleep and nutrition. Sleepy or poorly nourished kids simply don’t have the energy to do much—let alone maintain good posture.  Sleep deprivation and poor nutrition leads to slouching and poor posture.
  • Check at-home study spaces to ensure your child isn’t hunched, overly stretched or leaning to reach keyboard or mouse, and the monitor is at eye level and an acceptable distance away.  Check the chair they’re using—does it aid in good posture, feet flat on the floor, arms relaxed and level with the table?
  • Encourage regular breaks. Your child’s eyes need a break from the screen and their body needs to stretch and move.  This is a great time to offer healthy snacks and a big glass of water to keep them hydrated.
  • Good shoes. Yes, you read that correctly.  Shoes that don’t provide enough support can throw your entire body out of alignment and can lead to hip and back problems.  There are many items in our closet we can skimp on.  Shoes are not one of them!  Quality shoes are integral to chiropractic health.
  • Watch that backpack! Overloaded, or poorly loaded, backpacks can lead to a host of back and neck problems for your kids.  Their spines are still developing. Heavy backpacks can lead to chronic neck and back pain.  The strain of carrying those heavy loads forces the head forward interfering with the normal curve of the neck and that is directly linked to neck pain, headaches, and even osteoarthritis. Keep the weight of a backpack to the bare minimum.  Have your child load the pack carefully, eliminating unnecessary weight and make sure they wear both straps to distribute the weight evenly.

Although we can’t exactly follow our children to school, we can teach good habits at home. Use gentle reminders about posture, create ergonomically sound study spaces at home, monitor the weight in the backpacks going out the door, and most importantly, take them in for regular chiropractic visits.

Dr. Jessica Thompson specializes in spinal correction and care for the entire family.  While you are out buying school supplies and hitting the mall for back to school clothes, take a moment to schedule your back-to-school chiropractic appointments for your kids.

What does it mean to be healthy?  The World Health Organization defines health as a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.   The human body is an extremely complex system that is ever changing.   The spinal column contains a part of the central nervous system that gathers information and coordinates activity from the entire body—skin, joints, muscle, etc. So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I see a chiropractor even when I don’t have pain?” our answer would be to list the many reasons a regular preventative chiropractic visit to your Longmont chiropractor is a wise decision.

Preventative Chiropractic

A state of health is not something we should be two steps behind—always searching to relieve any current ailment, ache, or pain after is appears.  Preventative chiropractic care is for everyone.  Can we expect to brush our teeth only once or get our car tuned up once and expect that to be sufficient?  Chiropractors do not cure diseases, but rather enhance the body’s innate ability to heal itself through chiropractic adjustments and holistic care. Our entire body requires regular maintenance.  The key word here is maintenance.  If you sit in an office all day, hunched over a computer you need chiropractic care.  If your work involves physical labor of sufficient intensity you need chiropractic care. If you are a seasoned athlete or a workout weekend warrior you need chiropractic care.  The simple process of aging will put demands on your body and you would benefit from chiropractic care.

Let your chiropractor help you reach your health goals, your life goals. Café of Life in Longmont recommends having a skilled chiropractor do an assessment and create a preventative chiropractic plan suited just for you and your lifestyle.

Regular visits to your chiropractor will add years to your life.  But, more importantly, regular visits to your chiropractor will add life to your years!

Café of Life has a mission.  We strive to teach principles of life, health, healing, and wellness inherent to chiropractic philosophy.  We want to promote optimal spinal health to each individual with all of your unique and specific needs.  Back pain has become so common today that most people don’t realize they need care until it’s too late and they’re already in pain–or have been living in pain for some time.  Back pain is not something to endure and your Longmont chiropractor wants to help!

back pain longmont chiropractorThe human back is composed of muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs and bones which make it a highly complex structure.  Back pain is associated with the way all of these components work together.  An accident, an illness, pregnancy, or just the typical modern lifestyle of hours hunched over technology can all lead to back misalignment.  Sometimes back pain can be the last sign your body manifests when an underlying problem begins.  Maintaining proper spinal health is critical to keeping your back strong, agile and free from pain.

Back pain can range from a dull, constant ache that can even radiate and lasts hours to days or longer.  Sharp, localized pain, or acute back pain, comes on more suddenly. Any back pain that lasts for more than three months is considered chronic.  Stop back pain from ever rearing its ugly head with preventative chiropractic care with Dr. Jessica Thompson.  And if you already suffer from any form of back pain, please give Café of Life in Longmont a call and start feeling relief today.

Dr. Thompson is skilled at both manual and instrument adjustments and employs a thorough examination technique to assess the spine and formulate the corrective chiropractic need.  She ensures an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that will lead to optimal spinal maintenance and health. She remains current on the latest and best health and chiropractic information, uses state of the art rehab equipment, and treats the entire person through a holistic approach to spinal health.

Don’t wait until you’re in pain to decide to see a Longmont chiropractor!  Let Café of Life be your family chiropractic wellness care provider and promote a healthy future for all.

Mother's Day Card

The 2 Reasons mothers need to be adjusted

  1. STRESS:  Stress in all forms wreaks havoc on our nervous system and moms know this all too well!   With crazy busy schedules from your day job to your evening job of caring for the children and running them from place to place, sitting all day at your job then driving, carrying heavy bags and/or children….all of this can take a huge toll on the nervous system.  Regular chiropractic adjustments are an efficient and easy way to calm the nervous system down.  Here at the Cafe of Life in Longmont,we make it it our goal to make it easy for you to swing by and get a chiropractic adjustment in between all of your daily running  around.  Kids are always welcome in our Longmont chiropractic clinic or just pop by BEFORE you get them for a relaxing few minutes to yourself.   We make it possible for you to make it through the rest of your day by resetting your nervous system with an adjustment.
  2. PAIN:  Aches and Pains are not just a fact of life and they are certainly NOT  normal!  Most moms think they  have to just deal with the back aches and shoulder and neck aches, but here at the Cafe of Life Chiropractic and Massage studio we don’t subscribe to that idea.   Aches and pains are a way of telling you that something is not quite right.   Pain is your body’s signal that something is wrong, and often times aches and pains go away when you make getting a chiropractic adjustment  part of your routine.
 With all the daily stresses of being a mother,  regular chiropractic adjustments and/or  massage can reduce stress as well as to help your body and mind cope better.   Here at the Cafe of Life Chiropractic and Massage Studio in Longmont Colorado we see lots of busy moms and moms-to-be.   We make it convenient for you to come get adjusted we try to make it less than a 15 minute process from the time you walk in to the time you leave so that you can fit this healthy habit into your daily routine. Make sure to take that time to maintain your spinal and nervous system health.  It is  imperative for you to be healthy  for you to be the best mom  you can be.


Treat the mom in your life right with one of our massage specials. There is no better way to show your appreciation for the woman who does so much for you than by giving her a massage, or two or three or four! Gifts are nice…but most moms just want to be pampered and be able to take some “me time!” It is simple, just give us a call (303.827.3541)! We can take your payment over the phone and we will have it ready for you to pick up on the very same day. Available for a limited time only, until May 15th, so hurry and call to get yours TODAY!

Purchase any full price massage and get a free add on service
(Hot Stone or Aromatherapy)

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Café of Life of Longmont is pleased to introduce our new public service massage discount! This will be a 20% discount on massages only. It will include all current or veterans of any armed force’s branch, as well as police, firefighters, EMT’s, teachers and any government officials.  We want to thank all the men and women who do so much for our community! Whether it be teaching our children, serving our country, protecting our streets, or dealing with the day to day running of the government and city, we appreciate all that you do! Please bring any form of ID that will confirm your employment. From all of us at the Café of Life, thank you for all you do!

Massage Discount