Massage Therapy Services From Cafe of Life Longmont

Cafe of Life Longmont offers massage therapy in a variety of options including deep tissue, trigger point, and more.

We believe our Body Bliss Massage is a great introduction into the wonderful world of massage. But you should always feel for yourself.

Body Bliss Massage

Experience a customized blend of practices, Swedish massage, therapeutic and trigger point massage from around the globe to Longmont, to reduce stress in the body and mind.

30 Min $35
60 Min $65
90 Min $95

Add aroma therapy to any massage for $5 extra

Massage Packages and Monthly Massage Club

Our best value, this will allow you to buy 5 or more up front for a discounted price and use them over a year.

5 Massage Package is 5% off.

10 Massage Package is 10% off.

Monthly 60 Minute Massage Club

Our monthly massage club allows you to get a 60 minute massage once or twice a month for a discounted price with a 6 month commitment.

$60 One massage per month (saves $30)
$110 Two massages per month (saves $120)

We will bill your card once a month either on the 1st or 15th whichever works best for you.

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