What is a Cafe of Life?

Cafe of Life is a place that thinks radically different about health. It is about people, life and living. Where health, life and human potential are honored and focused upon at all times. Where the public is being “Served the exceptional zone chiropractic experience.”

Our heart’s desire is to serve humanity with love and teach the principles of life, health, healing, wellness, and well being inherent to Chiropractic philosophy. We are committed to the Path of Mastery by being continuous students of life and Chiropractic. Leading by example to the best of our ability is our main focus in order to inspire and help others on their healing journey.

Who Goes to a Cafe of Life?

We are here to serve all, regardless of age or condition. We seek to serve humanity unconditionally; one can be well, healthy, sick, diseased, terminally ill, challenged or desiring to express more of their potential. We welcome all! We focus on pregnant mothers, newborns, children, and family chiropractic wellness care to promote a healthy future for all.

Cafe of Life: Mission

The Cafe of Life is here to serve you and whatever your health intentions are. Our approach recognizes each person as an individual, with individual specific needs.

Our chiropractic technique is designed to let people heal physically and mentally. As people are moving forward in health, we will be able to recognize and address the lifestyle and thought processes that have led them to that point in the first place. At that point we can incorporate the shifts in life and in thought that will bring about more beneficial results in the body and the mind.