$59 New Patient Special* From Cafe of Life Longmont

Special offer from Longmont Chiropractor, Dr. Jessica Thompson, DC. Have you been waiting to try the pain relief that comes from a great Longmont chiropractor? Now is the time — Cafe of Life Longmont, is offering a limited time new patient special! For just $59, you’ll receive a comprehensive initial consultation with one of our our top chiropractors, Full Spinal Examination, and a FREE nero-spinal diagnostic assessment. After the exam, you’ll receive a report of the findings and recommendations for how to help improve your chronic pain.

Known for our superior patient service and great results. Now, for just $59, you can see what we’ll do for you. Call (303) 827-3541 now or schedule your first appointment online with a chiropractor in Longmont!

*Treatment not included.


First Time Patient?

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Initial Visit:

During your initial visit we will be going over vital health information and discovering your health intentions. Next, using cutting edge technology and x-rays (if medically necessary), a series of neural spinal assessments will be performed. These exams will find any nerve interference in your body.

Follow Up:

Based on these results you will know which Zones of your body have nerve interference, causing your disease, discomfort, or disconnection with life. Then, your chiropractic zone doctor will design a specific care plan based on your results and health goals.

Care Plan Options:

Your care will be designed to “retrain” your body into health. Your Zone adjustments are specific, gentle, and powerful. Your care plan, unlike other band aid approaches, will allow you to move toward optimal health and well being. Living the life you want, happy, healthy, energetic and vital!