Don’t Sit this Summer Out Due to Foot Pain

foot pain chiropractor LongmontDid you know that ¼ of all our bones are located in our feet?!! They also have 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments- that complex anatomy combined with carrying all of our weight make them susceptible to injury. If you are experiencing problems with your feet, chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound therapy and acupuncture at the Cafe of Life in Longmont can all help relieve foot pain.

According to WebMD, “Footwear plays a large role in the development of foot and toe problems such as bunions, calluses, corns, hammer claw and mallet toes.”

Shoe Tips to Alleviate Foot Pain

  • Everyone’s feet swell slightly towards the end of the day, so this is the ideal time to try on shoes. If you use inserts, be sure to bring them along to test as well.
  • Pay more attention to fit rather than size when shopping for shoes- be sure to stand and walk around to get a more realistic sense of how they’ll work in your daily life.
  • Low heels put less pressure on the ball of the foot and toe joints but if you must wear high-heels, choose a shoe that is 2” high or less.
  • A wide enough toe box is also important- you should be able to wiggle your toes and have a ½ inch of extra space to the tip.
  • The sole should be flexible so that your toes can bend naturally, yet the heel counter needs to be more rigid so your toes don’t need to grip to prevent your foot from coming out.
  • Finally, avoid materials that are not well-ventilated and make your feet sweat.

Unless you have limited sensation in your feet, due to diabetes or another condition, going barefoot as much as possible is also recommended. Adjustments, along with other non-invasive treatments, provided by the highly-skilled staff at the Cafe of Life in Longmont can relieve foot pain and prevent relapse by addressing the underlying condition. Don’t let foot pain make you sit this summer out- call us today for an appointment!

Massage Therapy in Longmont to Relieve Swollen Feet or Legs

Swollen Feet Legs Massage Chiropractic Care LongmontAs the weather warms up, many of us notice that our feet, ankles and legs start to swell. Swelling, or edema, that is more generalized may be a symptom of a serious health condition, such as heart, liver or kidney problems. However, the temporary condition of swollen feet or legs can be treated with the specialized massage therapy offered at the Cafe of Life in Longmont.

Many factors, such as pregnancy or just prolonged sitting, can impair the body’s ability to efficiently remove excess fluid and lead to painfully swollen legs or feet. A gentle form of massage called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) or Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) can help fluids drain normally again and greatly reduce swelling. First, the affected limb is raised above the level of the heart for 10 to 15 minutes to allow gravity to assist in draining. Second, the massage starts nearer to the heart in order to open up the pathways for the excess fluid being retained in the lower parts of the body. Finally, the legs are massaged with specific rhythm and pressure following the direction of the lymphatic map.

Ways to Prevent Swollen Feet or Legs Between Massage Sessions

  • Exercise- Proper blood circulation is key to stopping blood from pooling in your legs and feet. Swimming and inverted yoga postures are excellent choices!
  • Stay Hydrated- It’s important to drink enough water year-round, but especially vital in the summer to help detox and keep our tissues supple.
  • Avoid Too Much Salt or Caffeine- Both of these lead to water retention, so consume in moderation.

A properly functioning circulatory system is critical for optimal health, so if you are experiencing painful swelling or any other symptom of poor circulation, make an appointment today for a massage and/or chiropractic evaluation. Dr. Jess and the massage practitioners at Cafe of Life in Longmont have specialized training to help increase blood circulation and relieve the discomfort caused by swollen feet or legs.