children's chiropractic care LongmontAs parents, the health and well-being of our children are our top priority. The Cafe of Life in Longmont offers chiropractic care for children that is not only safe but also profoundly effective in keeping our kids healthy.

FAQs of Children’s Chiropractic Care

What can be effectively treated by a pediatric chiropractor?

  • Allergies and asthma
  • Colic and other gastrointestinal issues, such as constipation
  • Ear infections and common colds
  • Growing pains or scoliosis
  • Sleeping problems
  • Sports or accidental injuries

    And many other conditions!

When should children start receiving adjustments?

The birthing process is always strenuous, and sometimes traumatic, for the infant (and mother) so the sooner a chiropractor can assess and address any misalignments in both mom and baby, the better! However, children’s health is greatly impacted by receiving chiropractic care at any age, so never think that it’s too late to bring them in.

How often should children visit their family chiropractor?

Setting up a regular schedule of visits can prevent small issues from turning into major problems. We would ideally like to see your child in their first month, three more times during their first year and then every six months to a year after that. Please also bring your child in if they seem off-balance (limping, tilting their head, etc) or if they sustain any significant injuries.

How is chiropractic care different for children?

The pressure will vary depending on their age- Dr. Jess adjusts babies with the same touch she uses to test the ripeness of a peach! The approach will also depend on their developmental stage and if pain is a primary complaint or not. Otherwise, the basic techniques are the same as those used for adults.

Why is chiropractic care beneficial for children?

Children’s bodies are constantly growing and to develop optimally, their skeletal and nervous systems need to be in alignment. Especially during growth spurts, a chiropractor’s aid in establishing proper joint motion and balance is invaluable for children’s optimal development.

Dr. Jessica Thompson at the Cafe of Life in Longmont would be happy to answer any other questions you may have about children’s chiropractic care. Give us a call- we look forward to speaking with you!



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