Watch Dr Jessica Thompson, of Café of Life Chiropractic in Longmont, doing a baby chiropractic adjustment–and watch that baby laugh! This darling baby does a complete belly laugh after each chiropractic adjustment. This little one gets adjusted consistently in order to function at 100% AND (yes, there is a bonus) so he can sleep better! When baby sleeps better, momma sleeps better!

Our top priority is to build a relationship with each one of our clients to ensure the highest level of service, regardless of age or condition. Dr Jessica specializes in chiropractic treatment for the entire family and really enjoys treating expectant mothers and children. She has extensive experience treating babies and children with a gentle instrument adjustment technique—no loud pops and cracks. A baby chiropractic adjustment is an extremely gentle process.
More and more, parents are looking to chiropractors for children and babies to ease colic, birthing trauma, sleeping problems, ear infections. Chiropractic care for babies is a safe and effective way to manage overall health and wellness. The amount of pressure used for adjustments on children is so very small and gentle. But the results of getting a baby adjusted are considerable. There is nothing better than a healthy, happy…and laughing baby!

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