preventative chiropractic care LongmontThe cold weather comes and goes at this time of year but, unfortunately, the cold and flu season is here to stay for awhile. You might be wondering how to prevent catching your coworker’s bug or how to increase your children’s’ immunity at school. Regular visits to Dr. Jess at the Cafe of Life in Longmont for preventative chiropractic care will help boost your immunity to increase your defense against catching viruses this winter.

Preventative Chiropractic Care Boosts Immunity

In the December 2016 article “Perspectives on Chiropractic and Immunity” in Pathways to Family Wellness, people who received regular chiropractic care (at least monthly) got fewer infections and benefited from a:

  • 60.2% decrease in hospital admissions
  • 59% decrease in hospital stay durations
  • 62% decrease in outpatient surgeries
  • 85% decrease in pharmaceutical costs

Dr. Matthew McCoy, editor of The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health-Chiropractic, states “Through research we know that chiropractic has beneficial effects on immunoglobulins, B-lymphocytes, pulmonary function and other immune system processes.” One example is a study where blood was drawn from patients 15 minutes before a spinal manipulation to the middle back and again 15 minutes after the adjustment. Patricia Brennan, Ph.D., found that response of polymorphonuclear neutrophils, or white blood cells, in attacking viruses and bacteria was significantly higher after the chiropractic adjustment.

These studies prove what inherently makes sense: since the nervous system controls the function of the immune system, any interference in its performance will negatively affect our ability to destroy invading microbes. So if a vertebra is out of alignment and impeding the communication of our nervous system, it stands to reason that our immunity will also be impaired. Receiving preventative chiropractic care all year round, but especially during cold and flu season, will keep your immunity functioning at optimal levels so make an appointment today at the Cafe of Life in Longmont!


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