hip pain chiropractor LongmontOur hips are central in most of our daily movements from simply walking upright to running, bearing weight to jumping. Since we depend on our hips for so much of our mobility, pain in this region can be debilitating but chiropractic care can help! According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 60% of sciatica patients felt their pain was reduced enough to not need surgery after receiving chiropractic care.* If you are suffering from hip pain, Dr. Jess at the Cafe of Life in Longmont will thoroughly diagnose the route of the problem and tailor a personal treatment plan of effective chiropractic care to restore your mobility and optimal health.

Causes of Hip Pain Relieved with Chiropractic Care

  • Inflammation: There are two main areas where the hip joint can become inflamed: the socket, or acetabulum, and the sac outside the hip, bursitis. Either injury or illness can cause these areas to swell and fill with blood or fluid but bursitis is often from overuse as well.
  • Osteoarthritis: The most common type of hip pain in older adults, osteoarthritis causes the hip joint to deteriorate and lose cartilage.
  • Injury: Unfortunately, another frequent cause of severe hip pain for older adults is a fracture or dislocation due to poor balance and brittle bones. Significant bruising or a sprain from a fall can also result in intense hip pain even if the bone was not affected.
  • Overuse: The cartilage, tendons, ligaments and muscles of our bodies can only withstand so much wear and tear before they start to break down. With how much our hips endure, it is no surprise that they become stressed at one point or another.
  • Referred Pain: Although not the source itself, patients often describe pain in their hips stemming from another location such as the sciatic nerve in sciatica. Hip pain often accompanies a hernia or a problem with the sacroiliac joints that connect the sacrum to the iliac bones as well.

Chiropractic care to address hip pain could include adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy exercises, stretching and advice on posture. All treatment plans will aim to relieve hip pain but will differ based on whether the underlying goal is to strengthen weak muscles, stop spasms, improve mobility or reduce inflammation. Come into the Cafe of Life in Longmont for Dr. Jess to assess your individual situation and develop a program of chiropractic care that will be most effective in relieving your hip pain.

*Source: https://www.chironexus.net/2012/10/how-chiropractic-can-help-with-hip-pain/


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